Protein Science in Focus: The HunProtExc

The Greek term “proteios” - meaning primary - refers to the undeniable significance of proteins. Proteins can be found in all parts of the living cell, where they function effectively and in perfect accord with their surroundings. Practically all life phenomena is made possible by an intricate and controlled network of protein interactions with other proteins, other macromolecules as well as small biomolecules and ions. The HunProtExc consortium (ELTE, BME and MTA-TTK) resides on the four cornerstones as of
1) Scientific collaboration,
2) Talent training,
3) Protein production and
4) Biomolecular structure elucidation.

The HUNgarian Integrated PROTein Science Program, Centre of EXCellence (in short: HunProtExc) is a unique and new initiative in Hungary with the following aims:
1) Interconnection of different expertise and research fields within protein science, network initialization and support.
2) Adapting the notion of competitive research collaboration, its support and the dissemination of results.
3) Synergy of research fields of protein science to further scientific excellence by facilitating collaborative research of well-renowned scientists on topics concerning medicinal biology, environmental protection / technology and state-of-the-art instrumentation (Synergy Modules).
4) Providing opportunities for young researchers (Start-up Modules),
5) Initiating formation of critical scientific mass on the shared Buda-campus of the 3 participating institutions.
6) Establishing of a protein science knowledge center (Integrated Protein Facility, IPF), where besides basic and advanced research and development, service of recombinant protein production will be available.

The research topics covered by this program comprises cutting edge research exploring cancer, allergy, stroke (complement system), diabetes, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, the Frank-Ter Haar syndrome, non-aging (germline and tumor) cell-lines, proteomics, and enzymatic remediation (environmental protection), etc. all could lead to important discoveries. Training of young talents, as one of the key goals of our scientific excellence, will get greater emphasis through improvement of MSc and PhD programs, the support of a medicinal-biotechnology specialization, the establishment of new protein science research courses at our Universities both in Hungarian and in English.

HunProtExc (MedInProt 2.0) is based on the knowledge and experience amassed during the four-year running time of the MedinProt Program (2014-18), founded and supported by MTA ( The leaders of this project are connected by years of scientific partnership and successful research collaboration (, Professors András Perczel (a chemist), Beáta G. Vértessy (a biochemist), László Buday (a medical doctor & molecular biologist) and László Nyitray (a biologist) are ready to face new challenges at a high level of excellence. Within this framework we plan to publish top Q1 and D1 research articles, submit patents, develop new technologies, promote methodological advancement at diverse areas of protein science, facilitate to get BSc, MSc and PhD degrees, and support talented post-doctoral fellows (Start-up Module).