In the frame of this project a gel electrophoresis and gel documentation system were purchased. Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell system is applicable for running 4 gels parallel and in the same electrophoresis cell, two Western blots could be carried out after gel electrophoresis. With the gel documentation system (Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS) analysis of protein and DNA gels as well as development of Western blot is possible using chemiluminescent detection.

The gel electrophoresis and gel documentation system will be applied in the research investigated for targeted tumor therapy. The research will focus on the study of intracellular processes induced by drug-peptide conjugates used for targeted tumor therapy. The influence of EGFR binding peptide-drug conjugates on the receptor expression of other possible target receptors (e.g. GnRH and somatostatin receptors) will be studied. The intracellular signal pathways induced by single or combined targeted tumor therapy will be determined on HT-29 colon and MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

The instrument will be placed in the laboratories of the MTA-ELTE Research Group of Peptide Chemistry (1117 Budapest, Pázmány P. stny. 1/A).

Contact person is Dr. Gábor Mező in office 441, tel.: 372-2500/1433; e-mail: and Dr. Erika Orbán in office 442, tel.: 372-2500/1911, e-mail: 

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