We financed from the MedinProt Grant a Bioruptor® Plus sonication device for 1.5 & 15 ml tubes and a Water Cooler as a supplement. The instrument is a programmable ultrasound sonicator and can be thermoregulated by the Water Cooler. We use this sonicator in order to prepare and fragment chromatin under standard conditions.

We study in hepatocytes the modification of DNA binding patterns of transcription factors due to environmental stresses. We are also investigating the chromatin structure changes in these experiments. These changes are reflected by the covalent histone modification patterns. We study these issues by chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), which needs the preparation/fragmentation of chromatin by the Bioruptor.
In our collaborative project we study the chromatin changes during neuronal differentiation.

The Bioruptor is in room E319 of the Institute of Enzymology, RCNS, HAS.

Contact person: Tamás Arányi; tel:+361 3826-740; mail: aranyi.tamas@ttk.mta.hu


Tamás Arányi - János Réthelyi