Instrument (technical content):

Electronically controlled gas-incubator system for three component (compressed air, CO2, N2) gas mixing, controlling relative humidity of the mixed gas and also for setting up hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions for live cell microscopic imaging. The system designed by Ibidi (Germany), together with the already functioning high precision (± 0.1 oC) Ibidi cell chamber thermostating unit – equipped on an Olympus FluoView500 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope - assures the necessary conditions for live cell (37 oC, 5% CO2 normal gas atmosphere or hypoxic conditions).

Scientific goals to be achieved with the help of the gas-incubator system (live cell imaging conditions):
Using long-term live cell confocal imaging technology we would like to investigate the mechanisms and the essential protein-protein interactions involved in formation of membrane nanotube networks between lymphocytes (as novel long-distance communication channels) as well as of the neutrophil extracellular trap (NET), as a functionally yet poorly understood structure. The regulation of these structures by complement will also be a specific subject of our study.

A műszer elhelyezése:
A műszer az ELTE Biológiai Intézetében a C épület 5. emeletén, az 5.225 laborban került elhelyezésre, ahol a FluoView500 Konfokális Lézerpásztázó Mikroszkóp (CLSM) működik.

Dr. János Matkó (372-2500/8661; and
Anikó Molnár (381-2175; )


Mihály Józsi - János Matkó