We financed from the MedinProt Grant an Innova U101 ultrafreezer for storage of protein samples and cells at -80°C. Specification: 101 liters capacity; double compressor model for effective and safe temperature recovery after door opening; with vacuum insulation panels; with contact for connection to an external monitoring system; with sample storage racks.

Proposed usage:
The ultrafreezer is to be used for storage of protein samples purified for studying their 3D structures (crystallography and NMR) and interactions; as well as storage of cell cultures for expression of various protein variants and fragments. The main target of our co-operation is podocin, a structural protein, mutations of which cause autosomal recessive nephrotic syndrome and chronic renal failure. The aim of our studies is to understand how various mutations effect the structure and oligomerisation of podocin.

Place of the equipment:
The ultrafreezer is located at ELTE Institute of Chemistry in laboratory no. 337 (1117 Budapest, Pázmány P. stny. 1/A).
Contact person: Veronika Harmat (rooms 5.123 and 4.104)
e-mail: veronika@chem.elte.hu
tel.: 3722500 ext. 6547

Huto Harmat Tory

Veronika Harmat - Kálmán Tory