Name of the equipments:

• KDS 230 Multi Syringe Pump. This syringe pump can hold up to 10 syringes both in injection and withdrawal mode. By KDS 230, we can reach very low flow speed (5 pL/min), and it is able to evenly keep this speed for a long period.

• Ibidi™ Heating and Gas Incubation System is a complete cell culture incubator, which can be combined with any type of inverse microscope. It can control the temperature, humidity, CO2 level and the partial O2 tension, thus it may generate hypoxic conditions.

Proposed usage:
The two instruments can be built together, and doing so, we will set up a flow-cell-culture system, in which the effect of MASP-1 on endothelial cells can be assessed under condition that is close to the in vivo situation. The cells can be followed on-line in this flow-cell-culture system. Ischaemia/reperfusion injury, as the consequence of atherosclerosis, can be modeled by the gas control module.

Place of the equipments:
The equipments are located in the Research Lab of 3rd Department of Medicine, Semmelweis University, where all the other instruments and methods are available that is necessary for endothelial cell culture and analysis.
Corresponding person: László Cervenak, PhD
Phone: +36 20 825-0960

Kds 230 Cl 2

Ibidi Controller Cl 1

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