Aim of the project:

Protein researcher often meet the challenge, that target protein has weak expression in host E.coli, therfore even the application of their shaking-incubators with full capacity (typically below 10L) can not provide enough protein (typically 50-120mg).
Through the „Lendület” grant of the MTA MedInProt community we received fundation for evolvation of Protein Expression Scale-up Services (PRESS). The aim of the services is to extend the volume of expression with adaption of the shaking-incubator method of partners to fermenters of 20-200L, thus being able to provide 20x-200x times more protein for the partner rapidly without time-consuming process optimization. Thus the protein researcher partner can do his/her job on studying proteins (like structures, interactions etc), instead of having efforts on scale up and process development, which are uninteresting for protein researchers, but are time-consuming and require different knowledge.
In the frame of this project we demonstrated, that simple volumetric scale-up of weakly expressing protein production, cell-disruption, and partial protein purification (i.e. removing host cell proteins) is a fast, usefull and available tool for our partners.



Áron Németh - Balázs Ivanics - András Ballagi