Ferroptosis is a novel cell death was described in a screening study of a large-scale antitumor chemical library 15 years ago. It is induced by erastin and RSL3 in Ras-mutant tumour cell lines different from apoptosis, autophagy or necroptosis. Ferroptosis is iron dependent (which is indicated by its name) and is characterized by GSH depletion and lipid peroxidation. The mediators of ferroptosis are still unknown. We aim at the identification of the mediators. The execution phase of ferroptosis must be the consequence of lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxides form reactive derivatives such as aldehydes and Michael acceptors, which can generate protein- and nucleic acid adducts. Our results can help to identify mediators of the ferroptotic process and to better understand its mechanism.

Gitta Schlosser, András Szarka

Result_May 2020