We have recently developed a protocol enabling mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis of small tissue biopsies. By proteomics studies of healthy and cancerous tissue microarray samples we aim to identify the major protein networks leading to the development of cancer. Tissue microarrays contain 2 mm diameter tissue biopsies of several patients arranged in an array format. In the course of a pilot study our intention is to detect the differences between healthy and cancerous conditions in case of diverse tissues (prostate, lung and breast tissue). For this purpose, we will use commercially available tissue microarray samples. During the pilot study we aim to identify common and cancer type dependent changes in the development of different types of cancer. Statistically significantly changing proteins will be used to build protein pathways. Besides conventional proteomics, phosphorylation will also be studied, which has important regulatory functions. During sample preparation enrichment of phosphopeptides is necessary and several methods are available in the literature, however due to the limited sample amount method development is essential. This research may pave the way to development of new diagnostic methods and identification of new therapeutic targets.

Lilla Turiák, László Nyitray

Result_May 2020