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From February 08, 2017 06:00AM
To February 08, 2017 11:00PM

February 8. 2017. 4 p.m. MTA TTK Kisterem

Albert Zygmunt Derewenda

The RSK kinases constitute a family of important regulatory enzymes, which have been implicated in a wide range of physiological and pathophysiological phenomena. Importantly, the RSK2 isoform has been implicated in a variety of cancers. This prompted a search for specific inhibitors, to be used as scaffolds for drug discovery. An unexpected discovery revealed that a compound from an Amazon plant (SL0101) had the desired specificity as an inhibitor. Subsequent studies showed that the compound belongs to a large family of flavonoids, originally discovered by Albert Szent-Györgyi. The lecture will expand on the unique mechanism of inhibition of RSK2 by SL0101, and also on the unexpected link between RSK2 and another area of pioneering research by Szent-Györgyi – muscle contraction.


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