Professor of Physiology at the Department of Physiology of Semmelweis University, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and of Academia Europaea. She obtained her medical degree at Semmelweis University. She has been a guest scientist in the Biochemistry Laboratory of the Nuclear Center in Grenoble, in the Department of Pharmacology of Heidelberg University (Humboldt fellow) and at the MGH/Harvard Cancer Center at Boston (Fogarty fellow). Research interest: physiological function of phagocytes, with special emphasis on the regulation of the superoxide producing NADPH oxidase enzyme and regulation and physiological role of GTPase activating proteins (GAPs) acting on Rac/Rho family small GTPases. Her team has discovered recently the production of extracellular vesicles with antibacterial effect (Blood, 2013). Mechanism of formation and action of these vesicles is a new research interest of the group.

Publications of Dr. Ligeti can be found in the database MTMT: