The co-operation between the Laboratory SafecoPharmTech of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and Research Group of Biological Nanochemistry of the Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA TTK) focuses to the development and complex characterization of stable and more effective pharmaceutical nanosystems containing peptide or protein drugs. The macromolecular bio-drugs are extremely sensitive to environmental factors, therefore their nano-carriers have an important role in insuring the physico-chemical stability of the system, rather than traditional fluid, parenteral products. Taking advantage of the several instruments and experimental methods of both laboratories, the products with and without liposomes will be studied and compared to traditional, fluidic formulations as references. In connection with the evolution of biocompatible forms, we intend to give a structural and morphological description of exosomes, i.e. natural unilamellar vesicles with high protein content. We will study the role of protein content in their stability. The spectroscopic studies of different types of protein structures formed during the nano-synthesis procedures patented at the Laboratory SafecoPharmTech will be extended with structural and morphological investigations at the Research Group of Biological Nanochemistry. The structural studies will be executed on a newly designed and constructed large-scale small angle X-ray scattering apparatus. This unique facility provides high quality scattering data, which can usually be obtained only at synchrotron stations. This apparatus is dedicated for the measurements of weakly scattering samples, like protein solutions. In the frame of the project the development of the corresponding experimental method and models for the description of the scattering data is planned.

Honlap Marosi Bota Abra

Attila Bóta - György Marosi

Report I. 2014. october


Report II. 2014. december

Report III. 2015. march

Report IV. 2015. june

Report V. 2015. september