3 new support opportunities 2016-09-07

3 new support opportunities, all you have to do is ask

Take this spring’s „ad hoc” scholarship winners as an example!

1) Summer school, which can be organized during autumn or winter, just like the successfully ended NMR-MS knowledge ramping training: in each course 50 students learned selected chapters of NMR and mass spectrometry in a tutorial system for 3 days.

2) Mentor pupil program, in this course, protein scientists with different fields of research and positions work together for a few weeks (2 months tops): PhD students/researchers less familiar with the field are being trained by their selected mentors, who provide them insight into details of everyday recording work.

3) Feasibility study, during which a one-time funding can be required (1 million HUF tops) for any field of protein research in order to carry out preliminary studies for large national or international grants. (Two pilot studies were supported with approximately 1-1 million HUFs, to improve their chances at an international grant, by having successful preliminary data.

Any program can be applied for by sending the proper documents which are available on the website.

Deadline: 10th October

After the advisory board’s decision, approved initiatives start at the beginning of October

motto: Better together than alone and sooner than later!