Synergy VI. grant 2016-11-23

MEDinPROT Protein Science Excellence Collaboration Program announces a Synergy fellowship for full time employees of the BME, ELTE, MTA-TTK and SE/.

Further information at Applications/Call for proposals

Szent-Györgyi Lecture: Janez Plavec 2016-11-22

December 7. 2016. 4 p.m. MTA TTK Kisterem

Albert Janez Plavec




5. Conference of MedInProt - visiting lecturers 2016-11-09

Visiting lecturers

Zoltán Nusser: The molecular architecture of chemical synapses of the central nervous system

Zoltan Nusser will talk about their results concerning the molecular architecture of chemical synapses of the central nervous system. Synaptic junctions are one of the most complex structures of the brain, allowing highly dynamic communications among nerve cells. Synapses are built up by >1000 proteins in a highly organized way. High-resolution molecular localization methods revealed the subsynaptic arrangements of key synaptic molecules and their roles in determining the functional properties of the synapses.

András Málnási-Csizmadia: Molecular Tattoo

The first non-invasive technology which enables us to permanently localize a drug effect even in subcellular region. Among others, I will demonstrate how animal behavior can be directed by localizing a specific receptor inhibitory effect in a single dendrite of a single neuron.

Csaba Pál: Proteins in evolution

The rate of evolution in proteins varies dramatically. What are the governing principles behind this variation? Can the study of natural evolution govern protein design in the laboratory? Are these principles applicable to other areas of biology?

5. Conference of MedInProt 2016-11-03

We cordially invite you to the 5th MedInProt Conference held at ELTE TTK Eötvös lecture hall on Saturday, November 19, 2016 starting at 9 AM.
Winners of the Synergy IV Program, the Summer School Program, the Mentor Pupil Program and the Feasibility Study Program shall present their joint research at the conference. In addition, ERC winners Zoltán Nusser (KOKI), András Málnási-Csizmadia (ELTE) and Csaba Pál (SzBK) will give lectures.
The conference will end with sweepstakes and poster discussions.
All interested are invited and welcome!