Join MedinProt Program 2017-03-26

The Protein Science Excellence Collaboration Program (MedInProt Program), sponsored by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences shall be expanded from 2017. Full-time researchers or professors working in an institute of the Academy’s research network or at any government financed institution of higher education may join the cooperation of ELTE, BMGE, SE and MTA-TTK employees. In the past three years several successful collaborations have started thanks to MedinProt. Due to the success the board has decided to expand the network of institutes from Spring 2017, thus, reaching a further step in the organizing a network of specialties.

MedinProt is a unique and essential initiative in Hungary with the following aims:
- Connecting, organizing and strengthening different protein science subfields
- Introducing the practice of competitive cooperation
- Catalyzing synergism among different fields of research
- Reinforcing and financially supporting the collaboration of acknowledged researchers

The Program mainly supports the following areas (from 2014):

1) The Synergy Program, announced every semester, provides a moderate, but regular financial support for the selected projects, in which 2-4 postdoctoral researchers can work together in solving a new and promising problem of protein science
2) The Access to Instruments Program, supports pairs of researchers whose research progress largely depends on recordings obtained by certain instruments, therefore, the fund covers the fees of using dedicated large instruments (X-ray, NMR, ESR, MS, etc.)
3) The Instrument Purchase Program is to support pairs of researchers whose scientific progress could significantly be furthered by the purchase of a large instrument (3 million HUF tops).
4) In the Mentor Program protein scientists with different backgrounds and positions may work together for a couple of weeks (2 months tops). The education of the PhD student/postdoc who is less experienced in the given field is supervised and supported by a chosen “mentor”.
5) The Summer School Program provides the opportunity to learn any kind of protein science related technique or to expand ones knowledge in the use of a large instrument, during few-day technical workshops for small groups.
6) The Feasibility Program offers a one-time support (1 million HUF tops) for protein science-related preliminary studies necessary for the application to large national or international grants

Conditions of the application:
1) potential applicants are required to register on MedinProt’s homepage
2) New candidates should apply together with researchers of the previously eligible institutes (ELTE, BMGE, SE and MTA-TTK), they must join the research of one of the upper institutes, thus, strengthening the national synergy.

In each case, submitted applications shall be reviewed by a board of eight members.

Szent-Györgyi Lecture: Stefan Raunser 2017-03-02

March 8. 2017. 4 p.m. MTA TTK Kisterem

Albert Stefan Raunser