8. Conference of MedInProt - presented at the conference 2018-04-23

The eighth Conference of the MedInProt Protein Science Research Synergy Program was held on April 21. 2018, at Eötvös Loránd University.

László Nyitray: Resolution revolution

Ferenc Vonderviszt: The revolution of cryo-electron microscopy in determination of biomolecular structures

Max Maletta: How Cryo-EM is changing the Structural Biology landscape for the best

Ágnes Hubert: From protein sample to high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy map

Gergő Gógl: A crystallographer’s perspective on cryo-electron microscopy

Mihály Pósfai: New scientific directions in electron microscopy laboratory

The role of ion channels and pumps in tumor metastasis

Interaction of lysophosphatidic acid with signalling protein domains: affinity, stoichiometry and the site of binding

Role of the scaffold protein Tks4 in cancer cell movement

Setup of inflammation induced permeability measurements by gold nanoparticles and optical biosensor

Pathogenicity and oligomerization of podocin

Nanomechanical tests in the diagnostics of genodermatoses

Studying decision making process between cell death mechanisms: the GSH switch - ferroptosis and autophagy in focus

Investigation of the role of dynamin mediated and mitochondrial pathways in the background of centronuclear myopathy

8. Conference of MedInProt - program 2018-04-12


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