6. Conference of MedInProt - visiting lecturers 2017-04-10

Visiting lecturers

Gábor Mező: Development of bioconjugates and their modules for targeted treatment of cancers with high mortality rate

There is increased interest in peptide based targeting moieties for drug delivery in targeted tumor therapy, that recognize the specific or overexpressed receptors on tumor cells with high selectivity. Despite there are promising results with peptide – drug conjugates, their application in combination similarly to chemotherapy might have benefits. For this purpose we would like to develop molecular libraries which modules (drugs, homing peptides and bifunctional linkers) can be attach to each other in high combination to develop numerous conjugates suitable for targeted tumor therapy.

Beáta Vértessy: K-RAS oncogen mutations: structure-based allele specific inhibitor design

Balázs Győrffy: Investigating pediatric solid tumors with worst prognosis

Malignant diseases represent the leading cause of death for those below 14 years of age. While treatment of hemato-oncologic malignancies can almost completely heal a patient, half of patients with a solid tumor are lost within ten years. In our project we will gain new insights into the development of solid tumors by linking molecular and epidemiologic data.

6. Conference of MedInProt 2017-04-10

We cordially invite you to the 6th MedInProt Conference held at ELTE TTK Eötvös lecture hall on Saturday, April 22, 2017 starting at 9 AM.
Winners of the Synergy V Program and the Grant Facilitating Access to Instruments Program shall present their joint research at the conference. In addition, NVKP winners Gábor Mező (ELTE), Beáta Vértessy (BME) and Balázs Győrffy (MTA) will give lectures.
The conference will end with sweepstakes and poster discussions.
All interested are invited and welcome!